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Sunset Garden Studio architectural plans
Purchase Plans2 sets for $136 ($6 shipping)

It is assumed that you are either working with or are an experienced builder accustomed to reading architectural plans.

11" x 17" plans are Oce printed on durable, construction-industry standard (20lb) paper. Drawings are 3/8" scale.

Plans include:

  • Cover Sheet
  • Foundation Plan
  • Lower Framing Plan
  • Upper Framing Plan
  • Roof Framing Plan
  • Building Section
  • Building Elevations
  • 2 Pages of Color Photos (6 per page) - details of the Garden Studio during and after construction.
  • 2 Sets of Plans are Included

sample of garden house plans

sample image

sample of garden house plans

sample image

Construction costs vary depending on where you live, who you hire and which materials you select (there are more and less expensive material alternatives throughout the building). Consult with your builder for a materials list and estimated project cost.

The footprint of the garden studio these plans are based on is 12' X 8'. The roof area is approximately 16' X 11'. You may or may not need to obtain a building permit before you begin construction, depending on where you live. If you do need a permit, some municipalities require you to leave a set of plans on file (two sets are included: one for your project, one for the city inspector).

"What distinguishes this set of plans is tried and tested design, photographs of the building being erected (most building plans available on the web have not been built by their designer), well thought out architecture and an attention to detail more typical of custom homes. You will find that if you decide to build this building, my plans are one of the least expensive items that will save you the most money over the course of the project. Any experienced and design-savvy carpenter/contractor can adapt these plans to fit your needs and budget depending on which details you keep and what materials you use."

     - Andy McConnell

The fine print...

Technical support is not included in the sale of the plans. For questions about implementing these plans, there is a consulting rate of $65/hour (portal-to-portal or by telephone) - by appointment only with a 1-hour minimum.

McConnell Built, LLC disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including merchantability or fitness of purpose. McConnell Built, LLC will not be held liable for any incidental, consequential, special, or indirect damages of any kind, including, but not limited to, the loss of any anticipated profits, business opportunity, or any other loss arising out of the use of services or any plans received from McConnell Built, LLC. It is up to the plan purchaser to assure plan accuracy and to comply with local building code requirements. All sales are final. Construction plans are offered on an as-is condition.